Holidays in the Black Forest

Planning your Holidays in the Black Forest? There are not too many travel books written in English about the Black Forest in Germany. Most travel books encompass all of Germany, thus providing you with only bits and pieces of useful touring guidance of the Black Forest.

Black Forest ToGo! – we create detailed English language day-tour itineraries to get you from any point-to-point you want to explore in the Black Forest. We take you places other giudes never even mention.

Black Forest Tours by train and our Black Forest Tours by car are guides for the major cities and even man of the smaller towns in the Black Forest.

We are constantly adding more guides so please inquire with us if you are looking for a particular town or attraction you can’t easily find on our website. With the purchase of one of our day-tour itineraries you will receive a complimentary copy of our Black Forest Guide as well as a copy of ‘Feel at Home in the Black Forest’ – providing you with an overview of the Black Forest and explanations of the local food, local traditions and customs. With our guide you can confidently travel in the Black Forest.