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Travel Guide Books tell you the obvious – what is there to see. You probably already know what is in the book. Why buy those? Local Tour Guides are people that help you see those things.

The best of both worlds, are my BlackForest-ToGo Personalized Travel Guide Itineraries. I don’t just show you the obvious, I take you off the beaten path so you can experience the real Black Forest like a local. I fill-in the blanks between the lines and explain the not-so-obvious to give you a robust local experience.

If you are traveling by yourself, either by car or by train, my Personalized Travel Guide Itineraries enable you to navigate through some of the most beautiful areas in Germany without a private guide, and without needing to speak a single word of German.

If you are not sure where to get started to plan your Germany tour itinerary, contact me! I will ask you a few question to find out what you would like to do, what your expectations are and what your travel style is like. Then I recommend several tours to you. I have toured on all of my tours several times so I know what you can expect ( and what not to do ) from each day tour.

How will you get your tour details? With each Personalized Travel Guide  you receive a link to download detailed information on where to go, where to stop, where to eat, what to do and what to see.

Download the information onto your computer, tablet or phone. Or print it out! You will be ready to tour the Black Forest and Germany in no time.

More questions? Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us!


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