The Rhine falls

On this self-guided Black Forest Tour you will be taking the bus and train. Starting in the Black Forest the day tour takes you to the Rhine Falls in Switzerland where you will board a boat to the middle of the Falls. These are Europe’s grandest waterfalls and a must-see for any visitor to the area. We highly recommend combining a trip to the Rhine falls with your visit to the Black Forest.

Black Forest the day tour takes you to the Rhine Falls

Our Tours by car and Tours by train outline on where to go, what routes to take, where to stop, where to eat and what to do. You won’t need a personal guide by your side while traveling, because it will almost feel like you do since you have detailed instructions on next steps. Travel in the Black Forest can get expensive, especially if you don’t speak the language. There is not much written in English to guide you. This is where Black Forest Tours can help. If you are traveling on your own by car or by train, my Black Forest day tours enable you to navigate through one of the most beautiful areas in Germany, and without needing to speak a single word of German.

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