Day trips from Freiburg Germany

If you are visiting the Black Forest in Germany you most likely stay in Freiburg, Baden-Baden or some town in the Black Forest itself. If you are staying in Freiburg we recommend taking Day Trips from Freiburg to discover some of the Black Forest attractions.


If you look at a map of Freiburg you will quickly discover that the town of 200,000 is located at the south end of the Black Forest – close to Switzerland and the French border. It is very easy and highly recommended to take day trips from Freiburg Germany to see some of the highlights of the Black Forest. Day trips from Freiburg take you to Lake Titisee, Lake Mummelsee, Triberg, Menzenschwand, Gengenbach and many other locations. You can explore the Black Forest by train and by car or hire a private Black Forest guide to take you around.

Taking day trips from Freiburg Germany can also take you to Schauinsland mountain or the nearby Rhinefalls. Lake Constance is also easily be reached from Freiburg. If you need help designing your day tours from Freiburg itineraries please contact us. We are located in the Black Forest in Germany and we create detailed day-tour itineraries. If you are traveling by yourself, either by car or by train our itineraries enable you to navigate through one of the most beautiful areas in Germany without a private guide. And without needing to speak a single word of German! Our Tours by car and Tours by train outline on where to go, what routes to take, where to stop, where to eat and what to do. You won’t need a personal guide by your side while traveling, because it will almost feel like you do since you have detailed instructions on next steps. We guarantee: with our itineraries you see things most other travel books don’t talk about! Contact us for more information.