Clock Valley Winter Tour (not available)

The total cost of the tour is 35€* 

*(total, not per person)

If you like cuckoo clocks, then this is the tour. You not only get to see hundreds, but thousands of modern, old, big and small cuckoo clocks. You will see  World’s Biggest Cuckoo Clock before visiting Germany’s highest waterfall and a beautiful medieval town.

Tour Description

Many attractions in the Black Forest are closed starting November. They will reopen in March/April. The Black Forest is also often covered in snow and we need to pay attention to how to get you from point A to point B easily. Our winter tours tell you which attractions are open during winter times.  And how to get there safely. This tour provides you with several options for your day in the Black Forest Clock area. Your tour starts at 9 AM (or 10 AM) in Offenburg from where you take the train. There are several stops on the Clock Valley Winter Tour – You get to pick and choose among many sights and attractions. We’ll visit a local woodcarver’s shop. There is even a secret lake where you can enjoy a quiet lunch? Other options are a visit to the Black Forest museum. Why not take a walk to Germany’s highest waterfalls? If this is too much too handle for you the tour takes you to a sleepy medieval town where you can enjoy a coffee while watching the locals. Most shops ship cuckoo clocks to your home address so you won’t have to lug anything around if you (optionally) want to get a little activity in as well. You’ll really get to walk in the Black Forest if you want. The tour is laid out for a 9 AM start in Offenburg. The ending time of the tour is up to you – we usually recommend finishing by 5 PM – but it depends on how many sights you want to see before arriving in Stuttgart again. This tour is very similar to the See-It-All- Easy-Summer Tour, but has adjusted attractions and sights for touring during the winter months November-March 23.

Please note: This tour is valid from Nov 27, 2017 – March 23, 2018.

*Not included are the costs for your train ticket and your expenses for food and entrance fees. You can’t go wrong with this tour.

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