Top 10 Strasbourg Tour

The Alsace has more to offer than just wine! This driving tour lets you explore the highlights of the Alsace region with all its history and foods. The focus is the area between Strasbourg and Colmar. There is more to this area than most visitors realize.

Tour Description

We are touring along a 170 km long road connecting more than 100 villages and numerous castles. One day is not enough, but we’ll make the most of the time we have.

There are over tons of villages and numerous impressive old castles along the road running the length of the Alsace. My tour tells you exactly which ones are special and which ones to skip.

Even if you are not interested in wine, this Alsace tour is well worth it. The beauty of this area is unparalleled. Several villages on this tour received acclaim for being amongst the prettiest villages in France. If you are touring with children we will point out which castles are fun for kids to visit, and where you find other attractions kids will enjoy.

We will tell you which roads to take to take in the best scenery. We tell you which villages to visit and which ones to skip. With our driving tour you will not need to read another travel guide.

This tour is a 10 on the scenic scale, and a 10 on the food scale and a 10 on the cultural variety scale. What’s not to like about that?

Please note: this tour does NOT tour the Vosges mountains, it tours the area of the Rhine valley and the Alsatian wine road. The tour starts from Strasbourg and ends in Colmar. From here you can easily (and quickly) get back to Strasbourg. There is so much to see and do with this tour that you can easily tour for several days.

Contact me prior to purchasing this tour if you have any questions whatsoever (for example, does it overlap with other tours you are interested in?). I’ll respond ASAP! Im here to help you choose the perfect tour. Maybe I can make a recommendation for you. Either way, I can save you time and help you choose the right tour for you. Any questions?

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