Escape to/from Munich

Instead of taking the freeway (as most tourists do) the Escape from Munich Driving Tour takes you on a scenic ride from Munich to the Black Forest passing by Lake Constance. Instead of just driving by Lake Constance we show you how to ENJOY Lake Constance. This tour is available in 2 directions. From Munich towards the Black Forest, and from the Black Forest towards Munich.

Tour Description

This tour highlights the many beautiful locations and interesting attractions along the northern shore of Lake Constance which you can see on your way from Munich to the Black Forest (or reverse)

This is a great tour to see some of the highlights of Lake Constance (e.g. a medieval town overlooking the lake). But the tours main purpose is to show you some of the secret local spots along the lake. We take you to a beergarden right on the lake where you will mingle only with the locals. Have a beer! Put your feet in the water and watch swans drift by!

We take you to the best place to eat a fresh fish sandwich. We also show you where to buy local produce, which town to spend the night in and which town to avoid. And finally we take you to a local farmhouse restaurant where you enjoy a commanding panoramic view looking out over this huge lake into Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria on the other side before heading to your final destination – the Black Forest.

The tour is presented as a 1.5 day tour. Of course you can easily drive the entire tour in one day. But to really enjoy some of the lesser-known lakeside spots you really should plan on a bit more time than just a day. No matter which direction you drive I recommend spending the night at the lake.


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