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The Locals Tour is great if you are looking for a day tour showing you some of the non-touristy places. This is one of my favorite tours which includes some remote stops – places only locals know about! The tour is available in 2 directions. From Baden-Baden to Offenburg (or as a round-trip back to Baden-Baden). And vice versa- from Offenburg to Baden-Baden.

Tour Description

The Locals Tour is also one of the most beautiful tour I offer. You will be taken from one scenic view to the next – with lots of stops at castles, wineries and local villages in between. The tour is not your typical Black Forest tours as it takes you to an area less traveled by tourists. This is where you probably find me on the weekends! The tour is meant to be taken slowly. There are many places to stop, eat, drink, and look at the scenery. This tour takes you to several wineries. My guide provides you with all the information on which winery are worth a stop and which onez to skip. This is also the area of castles and you have several opportunities to explore them. Even if you don’t like wine this is a great tour – just skip the wineries, there are plenty of other things to do! I will show you where to find a waterfall, where to sit next to an old Black Forest mill. And where to buy fresh fruits from farmers on the side of the road. And if you think you have seen everything in the Black Forest then take this tour and I will prove you wrong! You probably have never heard of a schnapps fountain – locally distilled liquor which farmers put out for sampling in the fountain in front of their house. I will tell you how to find them and how to do it!

*Not included are the costs for your car rental, gasoline and your expenses for lunch and entrance fees.

Contact me prior to purchasing this tour if you have any questions whatsoever (for example, does it overlap with other tours you are interested in?). I’ll respond ASAP! Im here to help you choose the perfect tour. Maybe I can make a recommendation for you. Either way, I can save you time and help you choose the right tour for you. Any questions?

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