Scenic Winter Tour (not available)

The total cost of the tour is 35€* 

*(total, not per person)

When I am visiting an area the first time I like to get a good overview – and this is what the Scenic Winter Tour provides. You get to see the landscape of the Southern Black Forest, a cute Black Forest town, and one of the famous mountain lakes.

Tour Description

Many attractions in the Black Forest are closed starting November. They will reopen in March/April. The Black Forest is also often covered in snow and we need to pay attention to how to get you from point A to point B easily. Our winter train tours tell you which attractions are open during winter times.  And how to get there safely. This tour is one of my personal favorites. Follow my walking tour of the old town in Freiburg. I tell you exactly what to see in Freiburg – and what to skip. I take you where the locals go – and travel books don’t mention. After seeing Freiburg this tour takes you to the mountains in the Southern Black Forest – a short train ride away from Freiburg.  This is a great tour if you want to take it easy but see both Freiburg, the capital of the Black Forest, and the Black Forest itself.  The Scenic Winter Tour is laied out as an all-day tour but can easily be shortened into a half day tour should you decide you want to spend more time at one of the many locations mentioned in the tour. You can’t go wrong with this tour.

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*Not included are the costs for your train ticket and your expenses for lunch and entrance fee.

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