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Sorry! The tour is currently not for sale.  Please check back in December 2020 when our new tours become available for purchase.

Good to know: This Train Tour has not been update for the 2020 travel season. Therefore we are selling the tour for a discounted price. You can still tour with the information provided – you just need to double check departure times online. The new 2020 tour updates will be released by April 2020.

*total cost, not a per person price (if you are a group of 5 people you only purchase 1 tour, not 5 tours). *Not included are the costs for your train ticket (9-23€ pp) and your expenses for lunch and entrance fees. Great tour for people of all ages.

The Hells Valley Tour covers a lot of ground. If you only have one day, this is the tour to choose. You get to see the best of the Black Forest with the options to take it easy or have an action-filled day. Waterfalls, boat rides, hikes, mountain cabins, mountain coaster rides.

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This tour is one of my personal favorites. It offers lots of combinations, it can be a half day tour, or you can stretch it out over 2 days. There are plenty of options to choose from. For example a visit to a waterfall or a small Black Forest town, several hikes, a cable car ride, scenic views from a sightseeing tower, a mountain coaster ride, a chair lift taking you to a cabin on top of a mountain. If you are traveling with smaller children you also have the chance to visit an amusement park. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all attractions in the Black Forest are open during your day of visit. Sometimes they can be closed due to maintenance or due to the weather. Please double check each individual attraction’s opening hours online prior to your visit (we provide you with all info).

Contact me prior to purchasing this tour if you have any questions whatsoever (for example, does it overlap with other tours you are interested in?). I’ll respond ASAP! Im here to help you choose the perfect tour. Maybe I can make a recommendation for you. Either way, I can save you time and help you choose the right tour for you. Any questions?

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