Summit Road Adventure

Great day tour from Freudenstadt or Stuttgart! The Summit Road Adventure Tour takes you to the Northern Black Forest. This tour offers you the perfect day, with wine-tastings, old castles, romantic Black Forest mills, a beautiful waterfall and great food.

Tour Description

Starting in Freudenstadt or Stuttgart this tour takes you to the northern part of the Black Forest – and I promise you will get to see things tourists don’t usually get to see.

The tour is not your typical Black Forest tours as it takes you to an area less traveled by tourists. This is where you probably find me on the weekends! The tour covers the highlights of the Summit Road like Lake Mummelsee. But I will also show you where to pull over on the Summit Road to take in the best views and scenery. One of the prettiest waterfalls of the Black Forest is located in this area – why not have a look?

This tour tour passes by several wineries. My guide provides you with all the information on which winery are worth a stop and which onez to skip. This is also the area of castles and you have several opportunities to explore them. Or prefer to go fishing instead?

And if you think you have seen everything in the Black Forest then take this tour and I will prove you wrong! What is a Schnapps fountain? Farmer put schnapps out for sampling in the fountain in front of their houses. I will tell you how to find them and how to do it!

There are lots of opportunities to go for walks (or not). This area is known for its good food so there will be plenty of restaurant recommendations. Why not have lunch at a castle?

Contact me prior to purchasing this tour if you have any questions whatsoever (for example, does it overlap with other tours you are interested in?). I’ll respond ASAP! Im here to help you choose the perfect tour. Maybe I can make a recommendation for you. Either way, I can save you time and help you choose the right tour for you. Any questions?


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