Escape to/from Neuschwanstein

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This tour is ideal if you are going from Bavaria (Neuschwanstein/Füssen area) to the Black Forest, or vice versa. Instead of taking the freeway (as most tourists do) we take you on a scenic ride through the dramatic alpine landscape of Bavarian castles and high Black Forest lakes via the German Alpine Road. The landscapes and cultures you pass through make this a multi-cultural experience, and we provide the clues on how to spot those hidden gems that others pass by. Please note. This is NOT a tour of Neuschwanstein Castle itself. This is a driving tour from Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen to the Black Forest (or vice versa).

Tour Description

This tour visits the many beautiful locations and interesting attractions along a select southern Bavaria route to the Black Forest. This area is loaded with different landscapes, castles, cultures and food and drink. You pass between the states of Bavaria and Baden, and Switzerland-Austria-Liechtenstein just to the south. From this vantage point, we introduce you to many fascinating things that typical tourists never realize.

This is a great tour to see the third largest lake in Europe (and medieval towns overlooking the lake). Of course we know which towns to spend the night in and which to avoid.

And there is a lot of great stuff to taste too! There are many small breweries along our route, which of course means beergardens and great food – some located in the mountains and some are on lakes. Put your feet in the water and watch the swans drift by!

We show you where to buy local produce, and visit a few dairy-stores – the local kind that only sell their own products; not just their own cheeses, but super-fresh butter and yogurts. We take you to have a just-caught-fresh fish sandwich on the lake. And we are not done until we take you to local restaurants with panoramic views looking out over lakes, at the equally grand German and Swiss Alps towering overhead.

There is a lot to do! Boat rides, swimming, hiking, mountain-coasters, museums, and some secret spots to picnic or hang out.

This tour is presented as a 1.5 day tour. Of course you can easily drive the entire tour in a day. But to really enjoy some of the lesser-known spots, you really should plan on a bit more time than just a day. (Even 2 days is not enough. You will want to come back to explore some more.)

You can’t go wrong with this tour. Any questions?

*Not included are the costs for your car rental, gasoline and your expenses for food and drink and other things you may want to do (re. museums, events, entertainment).


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