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The total cost of the tour is 38€* (currently on sale for 20€ as the tour has not been updated for the 2020 touring season. We recommend double checking opening hours of attractions. The 2020 updates will be available in April 2020)

*(total, not per person)

The Alsace is so close yet so far away! The Black Forest is only minutes from the French border, so why not take a day and hop over to France? This tour takes you across the Rhine river to explore the Alsace region. There is more to this area than most visitors realize.

Tour Description

Visitors to The Black Forest usually overlook one of the real gems of this area, the Rhine valley and Alsace. Food (cheeses) (Munster), wines! and the cultural variety of a land occupied many times over centuries by both Germany and France, make this a special place. My Day Trip to France gives you an experience and insights few tourists will ever realize on their own.

Your Alsace driving tour starts and ends in Freiburg. While touring you will glimps into a long history of struggle between France and Germany. Out of that history emerges a robust culture of foods and wines.

We’ll explore the border region around the Rhine river, visit a fortified town, wine tastings, have lunch in the villages of the Alsace. You will get to see historic sites and artifacts of both WWI and WWII – you may have heard something of The Maginot Line – Alsace is where it all happened.

This tour is a 10 on the scenic scale, and a 10 on the food scale and a 10 on the cultural variety scale and its packed with interesting history. And it can be enjoyed even on a rainy day. What’s not to like about that?

Contact me prior to purchasing this tour if you have any questions whatsoever (for example, does it overlap with other tours you are interested in?). The tour you are purchasing has not been updaetd for 2019 – but there should not be major changes to the roads or sights. We are putting it on sale until the new update is available. I’ll respond ASAP! Im here to help you choose the perfect tour. Maybe I can make a recommendation for you. Either way, I can save you time and help you choose the right tour for you. Any questions?


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