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Things to do in Baden-Baden

Many visitors to Baden-Baden are interested in learning about things to do in Baden-Baden before visiting this town. Baden-Baden is located at the northern end of the Black Forest in Germany. Europe’s first luxury hotel was opened in Baden-Baden and since then the town has had many famous people visiting. The reason for that is that Baden-Baden used to be the hotspot in Europe in the 19th century. Anyone who wanted to be someone had to be in Baden-Baden.  In the 19th century Baden-Baden was the most elegant and sophisticated playground in Europe, the Saint Tropez of high society. Visitors enjoy a visit to the casino Baden-Baden or spend hours at one of the famous spas in Baden-Baden. The Baden-Baden baths are called Caracalla and Friedrichsbad.


Baden-Baden has a population of about 55,000 people. And although Baden-Baden is a small town it is  well-known over the world. There are numerous hot springs in the Black Forest around which spa towns have grown, but non of them have become as famous as Baden-Baden.

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