Lake constance

Lake Constance

If you have a few days to spend in the Black Forest a visit to Lake Constance is highly recommended. Lake Constance is a lake only a short drive from the Black Forest. If you look at a map of Lake Constance  you will discover that the lake is bordered by the countries of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. A boat ride to all 3 countries is a must-do when visiting. More than half of the shoreline of Lake Constance is in Germany though so it makes sense to start your journey coming from the Black Forest. Lake Constance is 15 km long (9 miles) wide at its widest point, 74 km (46 miles) long, 252 m deep (826 feet) and 395 m (1,295 ft) high. The area around Lake Constance is known for its mild climate and hills around the lake are covered with vineyards. There are almost 200 professional fishermen active today. If you have a chance to enjoy lunch or dinner at Lake Constance enjoy some of the fish which is on the menu of just about any restaurant.

The town of  Meersburg is opposite of the university town Constance. You can take a boat over to visit Meersburg or take the car ferry which is available several times each hour.

Look at some of the pictures of Lake Constance to see how beautiful this Lake is!

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