Frequently Asked Questions

Instant Download after Purchase

Download ToursAfter purchasing a tour you will receive a link to download all tour-related information. (up to 80 pages packed full of local insights). The information comes in a print-friendly pdf format downloadable onto your computer, tablet or phone. You’ll be ready to go in moments.


Can I print out the tour? Of course! But 40+ colorful pages is a lot. I recommend to save paper and costs, view the tour on your mobile devices.

I’m touring by train. What else should I know? The Black Forest can easily be reached by train from many cities in Germany. Although Germans are known for their cars and the Autobahn, you can easily get around Germany without a car due to an extensive public transportation system. If you are not familiar or comfortable taking public transportation in Germany, there is no reason to panic. You cannot get lost. Because with the purchase of each tour you will a detailed tour description (40-80 pages) including overview map, explanation on what train tickets to buy, timetables, where to get off and connect, sights and activities at each stop, recommendations for places to eat and sleep. My tours come with train and bus schedules so you know exactly what train or bus to take. I even tell you what side of the train to sit on to enjoy the best views. You also receive a free copy of my Train 101 Guide with lots of info on ticket purchases, seat reservations and more.

I’m touring by car. What else should I know? With the purchase of each tour you will receive a detailed tour description (40-80 pages) including overview map, descriptions on roads to take, and GPS navigation detail. I explain the attractions and sights at each stop, and tell you activities to do at each stop; recommendations for places to eat and sleep. I even tell you where to park your car. You choose which attractions to see and which ones to skip. You tour at your own pace.

Touring the Black Forest in winter? If you are touring between November and March you will notice that many attractions in the Black Forest are closed, for example the farmhouse museum. Some activities cannot be done in winter, e.g. boat rides on lakes, luge rides and cable car ride. But the tours can still be driven – you just need to pay attention to the weather.

Complementary Travel Guides

With each purchase of a Black Forest Self-Guided Tour you will receive a link to download the following guides:

*My personal Info Guide Black Forest (an in-depth orientation to the area, local customs, traditions, foods and things not to miss in the Black Forest)

*Panorama Map of the Black Forest

*Train Guide (when touring by train)

*City Guide Freiburg and/or City Guide Baden-Baden (with selected tours only)

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