Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

The Black Forest Germany is known for many things…Black Forest Cake, Black Forest Ham, Black Forest mountains and many more….one of the main reason many people plan a Black Forest holiday is to buy one of many Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks. In the Central Black Forest you find many villages and towns which are famous for their Cuckoo Clock making.


There are tons of shops which sell Cuckoo Clocks in all sizes and shapes. Also in all kinds of price categories! You can buy an imported cuckoo clock from Taiwan starting at a few Euros. But if you  want a 100% authentic Cuckoo Clock you will need to put more money onto the table. They start at about 100 Euros and can go up into the thousands. Sometimes you can arrange for a cuckoo clock factory visit and have the opportunity to see how a cuckoo clock is actually being put together. There are only a few cuckoo clock factories left in the Black Forest and it’s not easy to schedule a visit. But sometimes you get lucky. If you don’t care about the cuckoo clock manufacturing and are more interested in just shopping for a Black Forest souvenir browse through some of the many shops in the Black Forest. Or stop by at world’s largest cuckoo clock which is also located in the Black Forest. Some of our self-guided Black Forest tours plan on a stop in cuckoo clock land. No matter if you take the train or car you will have a chance to stop in some of the towns and purchase your perfect clock. See you soon in the Black Forest!

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